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Are you looking for an English speaking therapist, psychotherapist, counsellor or (expat) psychologist in The Hague?

Sometimes it feels like it is too much all of a sudden and life can become a complex journey with many challenges. Psychological problems can have a huge impact on our lives, especially if you notice that you are not able to solve them on your own.

How difficult your problem or situation might seem, there is a way out. You can tell me about your complaints or questions; nothing is strange, vague or unimaginable.

Together we will analyze what is going on in your life and what you can do to solve your problem.

Expat psychologist The Hague

As an expat you come to face extra challenges:

– A new culture with different habits
– Sometimes a different (personal) approach at work
– Another language
– A new “system” to understand and become involved with.

– The weather can be occasionally challenging
– And last but not least, many of you, still have part of their family in their country of origin. It is a lot to adjust to.

There is nothing more difficult than trying to express yourself, what you feel and how you feel, in a language different than your mother tongue. I give therapy in several languages: besides Dutch I speak English, Spanish and Italian.

English speaking therapy

Seeing a psychologist

Seeing a psychologist can help you in a difficult moment of your life. If you need help overcoming challenges in your life or dealing with a specific problem, contact me to achieve your goals and solve your problem.

As psychologist I will think objectively with you, and guides you through your emotional recovery. I’ll help you identify pitfalls in your way of thinking and in your behavior and will teach you how to challenge them.

I work in a warm, professional and decisive way. We go quickly to the core of your problem and you receive the tools to work towards a solution.

The purpose of my guidance is to empower you with the skills and knowledge you need, to take control of your life and unlock your true potential.


I’m able to help you with:

✓ anxiety disorders (insecurity, anxiety, panic, social anxiety, worry, guilt, etc.)
✓ mood disorders (mild to moderate depression, worry, guilt, etc.)
✓ stress and burnout
✓ chronic tiredness and chronic pain
✓ obsessive compulsive disorder
✓ trauma (PTSS)
✓ relationship problems (communication, empathy, acceptance, etc.)

Do you have any questions or want to know what I can do for you? Mail me.


Expat Psychologist The Hague, when you’re looking for an English speaking psychologist, therapist, coach, or (relationship) counsellor in Den Haag. For counselling and psychotherapy in The Hague.